SotOC - 2019 Logo


The ORIGINAL Chapter

of the

Fraternal Order of

Real Bearded Santas


A 501(c) Dedicated To The Professional Claus

Wanna Join Our Band Of Jolly Jents?

1.) You must also be a member of the Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas (FORBS).
2.)  You must attend 3 Chapter meetings within one year to join
Santas of the OC.
3.) You will need 2 SotOC sponsors-- one of whom must stand with you during vote.
4.)  You must attend 2 meetings per year (including the Reunion) to remain active.
5.)  You must subscribe to our chapter's founding principles & meet these standards:

SotOC Goals & Tenets

  1. We are all members in good standing of FORBS.
  2. We gather occasionally for social interaction and to enhance the spirit of Santa.
  3. We will consider other Santas of the OC for appearances we cannot accept.
  4. We are first and foremost Santa -- 24/7/365 .
  5. We strive always to spread the joy & happiness of Santa, and love for children.
  6. We pledge to help each other in the best interest of children and the community.
  7. We seek to donate a portion of our time & effort to available children’s causes.
  8. We pledge to be vigilant of our public image at all times.
  9. We respect and encourage each Santa’s individual approach to being Santa.
  10. We seek to learn new skills to enhance our ability & enjoyment of being Santa.

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Annual Chapter Dues of $10/member collected via PayPal

If you have any further questions or problems, CLICK HERE to let us know.